Cyanide-free gold grabs international attention

Miners, suppliers, potential distribution partners and even research institutes are among those that have welcomed Clean Mining’s cyanide-free gold processing solution since it was launched in June.

Clean Mining Managing Director Jeff McCulloch said the company had fielded queries from all corners of the globe, with particular interest stemming from Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, Russia and the Americas.

“We have been inundated with interest and that response has been very positive from all areas of the gold mining industry,” Mr McCulloch said.

Small-scale miners can see the benefits of our plug and play plant model, which is not only efficient and cost effective but safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional processing.

“We’ve also had a lot of interest from those representing artisanal miners who are keen to develop a safer, more reliable and sustainable gold extraction process that can support individual miners on-the-ground, including on a collective scale.”

Given this level of interest, Clean Mining is currently focused on developing a reliable, ethical, quality supply and global distribution chain and building its technical team to ensure it can meet the growing demand and deliver an exceptional product.

“Meetings have been held with suppliers in Asia, in particular, to design and build the tank leaching systems and economical dewatering solutions that enable dry stacked tails and eliminates tailings dams,” Mr McCulloch said.

“We are also expanding our team by inviting applications for world-class metallurgists and gold mining process engineers to support the technical design and build process for our clients.”

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