Dirt on dirty gold

The dirt on dirty gold

When it comes to gold, visions of ‘luxury’, ‘beauty’ and ‘prosperity’ readily spring to mind. But not all that glitters is attractive and most of the gold on the market today is “dirty” gold. The term has nothing to do with the cleanliness or purity of the metal itself but reflects the processes used to…
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Outlook 2020 clean tech key to risks

Outlook 2020: Clean technology key to mining risks

Clean technology is the key to managing risks and building future value and resilience in the mining industry, according to a review of the risks and opportunities facing Australian’s mining industry in 2020. The Australian forecast reflects global market trends that show environmental risks have intensified, regulation is getting tighter and societal demands for greater…
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Gold mining's vice-like grip on the environment

Gold mining’s vice-like grip on the environment

Beyond the shiny end-product of the gold mining process is the unfortunate reality that traditional processing methods come with serious and widespread health and environmental risks. Cyanide and mercury have been used in gold mining for more than a century and the pressure is on the industry to change as regulators move to ban toxic…
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Field Test Demonstration

Making mercury history in gold mining

Clean Mining now has a complete solution for replacing mercury in the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector. Mercury is a neurotoxic substance commonly used in extracting gold in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM). This practice comprises roughly 15 – 25% of all gold production, and yet contributes to nearly 40% of all global…
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