Outlook 2020: Clean technology key to mining risks

Clean technology is the key to managing risks and building future value and resilience in the mining industry, according to a review of the risks and opportunities facing Australian’s mining industry in 2020.

The Australian forecast reflects global market trends that show environmental risks have intensified, regulation is getting tighter and societal demands for greater ethics and integrity are escalating.

KPMG’s “Australian Mining Risk Forecast 2019/2020” said that while regulatory pressures were acknowledged as a significant risk to the industry, Australian mining companies needed to act on intensifying environmental risks.

“The forecasts reflect the results of global inaction to climate change,” the report said. “Organisations need to be considering the environmental impact across a mine’s respective lifecycle from initial feasibility throughout operations and closure.”

As environmental expectations get tougher, the outlook is good news for industry innovators like Clean Mining, which is using advanced technology to provide a cleaner, safer and more responsible gold processing solution.

Clean Mining’s award-winning, non-toxic solution extracts gold from ore and provides a non-toxic alternative to cyanide. The technology, currently in operation in Western Australia, is achieving throughput rates at a cost that is commercially attractive at scale.

Used in conjunction with Clean Mining’s leaching and de-watering processes, the eco-friendly reagent eliminates the need for tailing dams which require hefty capital investment to build and close, and which pose an ongoing threat to the environment.

It has also recently undergone successful tests in removing mercury in artisanal and small-scale gold mining, offering the only genuinely clean solution for miners active in this sector.

Clean Mining is part of the Clean Earth Technologies Group.

*Source: KPMG Australian Mining Risk Forecast 2019-2020 report; KPMG Risks and opportunities for mining: Global outlook 2019 report

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