Nu Fortune Gold leads the way with Clean Mining technology

Nu Fortune Gold Ltd’s mines will be the world’s first to implement the award-winning Clean Mining advanced gold processing technology and to produce certified ‘Clean Gold’ in Western Australia.

Regarded as the mineral processing technology of the future and developed for more than a decade by CSIRO — Australia’s national science agency, Clean Mining’s non-toxic gold recovery agent extracts gold from ore without the use of cyanide.

Combined with Clean Mining’s effective leaching and dewatering process, dry tailings can be produced by mines. The eco-friendly reagent can also be reused and the need for tailings dams is eliminated. This effectively eradicates the risk of cyanide leakage into groundwater and the catastrophic failure of tailings dams. It should be noted that tailings facilities generally require a substantial capital investment to build and shut down, and pose an ongoing threat to the environment.

Besides being non-toxic and financially viable, Clean Mining’s gold recovery reagent is also effective across a wide variety of ores and achieves a recovery rate comparable to that of cyanide.

Highlighting the benefits of their technology, Clean Earth Technologies Group CEO, Kevin Fell confirmed that, “The use of this cleaner, safer and more responsible gold processing solution is of immediate benefit to human health and to the health of the environment. It enables mining companies to produce gold products with less waste, use safer processes, include new sustainable technologies, curb emissions and improve the environment.”

Gold processed using Clean Mining’s innovative new extraction technology, or precious metals that meet Clean Mining’s ethical supply standards will be certified as Clean Gold. This is a new global industry accreditation programme for gold produced to the high social, environmental, and economic sustainability standards.

Clean Mining is part of the Clean Earth Technologies Group.

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