Gold Mining’s Insidious Poison

The gold mining industry is the world’s largest mercury pollutant, accounting for over 37% of global mercury pollution. Mercury-gold amalgamation is often used as an inexpensive and easy method to extract gold from its ore. A mercury-gold amalgam is created by combining mercury with gold ore. The mercury-gold amalgam is then heated with a torch,…
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Clean Mining steps in as cyanide bans come into play

The Deadly Story of Cyanide

Cyanides were first used as chemical weapons in World War I and are highly toxic to humans. Cyanides exist in various forms — liquid or gaseous hydrogen cyanide and alkali salts of cyanide — and can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the eyes and skin. In accordance with Occupational Safety and…
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Philippine Government to Allow Open-Pit Mining Soon

Last month, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines lifted the moratorium on new mining operations, considering repealing the ban on open pit mining. For years, the Philippine Department of Environment and National Resources prohibit open-pit mining for copper, gold, silver and/or complex ores. The reason being open-pit mines “have ended up as perpetual liabilities (for the…
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