Philippine Government to Allow Open-Pit Mining Soon

Last month, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines lifted the moratorium on new mining operations, considering repealing the ban on open pit mining. For years, the Philippine Department of Environment and National Resources prohibit open-pit mining for copper, gold, silver and/or complex ores.

The reason being open-pit mines “have ended up as perpetual liabilities (for the government) causing adverse impacts to the environment, particularly due to the generation of acidic and/or heavy metal-laden water, erosion of mine waste dumps and/or vulnerability of tailing dams to geological hazards”.*

While there may be an economic consideration for the resumption of open-pit mining, the threat of mining disasters, due to tailings spill is ever present.  Mining companies in the Philippines should therefore adhere to stringent mining protection and environmental policies.  To minimise this potential danger is to ban the use of toxic chemicals in the mining operations for the protection of the environment and the health of mankind. 

Clean Mining which is part of the Clean Earth Technologies Group, is one of the first companies in the world to develop an effective and commercially viable solution.  The Clean Mining’s owned, award winning proprietary process uses a non-toxic, non-flammable and water-soluble, inorganic compound which includes thiosulphate to dissolve gold out of ores.

After a decade in development, the Clean Mining’s CSIRO invented process has been tested on over 50 different ore sources from mines worldwide and gold recovery rates have matched the most efficient traditional cyanide techniques.

Tests conducted by Australia’s national scientific agency, CSIRO, showed the “clean gold” process is effective and efficient achieving a range of 85%-95% of gold recovery with fast leaching kinetics.

But the real advantage of Clean Mining’s eco-friendly rapid extraction process is the fact that it eliminates hazardous tailings. Used in conjunction with de-watering techniques, the reagent can be recycled helping to drive down costs, improve safety and establishing a new benchmark for environmental sustainability in gold mining operations that will pay dividends.   In this regard, the gold mining industry in the Philippines will be able to benefit from Clean Mining’s non-toxic solution.


Clean Mining is part of the Clean Earth Technologies group.



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