Clean Gold Jewellry
Gold is one of the most versatile, useful – and beautiful – metals taken from the earth. Gold is used as bullion and for coins, of course, but you may not be so aware of it being used in fields such as dentistry, electronics, aerospace, construction, glass-making and even baking!
Probably the best-known and most common use of gold is in the manufacture of jewellery.
Imagine what influence the consumers of gold could have if they insisted on ‘clean gold’ – gold that had been produced without the use of cyanide or mercury; by operations that rewarded their employees fairly and provided safe working conditions; and by operators who were environmentally responsible and in genuine partnerships with their local communities.
Clean Mining is committed to working with jewellery manufacturers and retailers who seek to establish and expand the clean gold market. In doing so, we hope that responsible producers will be recognised and rewarded.
We aim for our solution to become much more than a chemical technology – we are working for a new industry standard and a recognised and valued Clean Gold™ brand.

Let's make a difference