Our vision is that we provide governments with real choice and opportunities to protect their environment through improved regulation and mandating of cyanide and mercury-free processing.
And the potential to create new infrastructure and revenue-streams.
We deliver a practical solution to governments around the globe that have signed the Minamata Convention which eliminates the use of mercury from 2020. Clean Mining technology eliminates the use of both mercury and cyanide.
Clean Mining’s solution enables governments to potentially:
  • Better protect their people and their land by eliminating the risk of cyanide spills and mercury contamination which are potentially catastrophic events for their environment and communities.
  • Eliminate the need to invest in environmental remediation and health services for communities when impacted by the use of cyanide and mercury.
  • Fund regional gold processing centres where they can have greater confidence in the reduced environmental impact of mining and collect royalties.
  • Facilitate wealth creation and employment opportunities within a safer, more responsible sector.
  • Explore opportunities to re-open mining activities where cyanide use was banned.

Let's make a difference