Founded on collaboration with Australia’s national science agency – and a history driven by innovation and excellence.

Clean Mining’s new technology reflects a decade of development by Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).
Our parent company – Eco Minerals Research Limited – partnered with CSIRO in 2018 to build the first Clean Gold™ processing plant to refine and test the technology in an industrial setting.
The success of the trial, established in the rich, historic Kalgoorlie goldfields of Western Australia, led to Clean Mining acquiring the patented technology from CSIRO.
With the rights to produce, distribute and develop the technology worldwide, Clean Mining has now embarked on a global sales and distribution program – enabling miners around the world to access the solution that will transform their operations.
The technology has been:
  • developed over a decade.
  • tested in Australia in a demonstration plant.
  • proven at scale.
  • used to produce the first Clean Gold™ ingots and jewellery.
Clean Mining is the subsidiary of Eco-Minerals Research Limited, (now part of the Clean Earth Technologies Group) which worked with CSIRO to design and build the pilot Phase 1 cyanide-free gold processing plant and produce the first cyanide-free gold in Australia in April 2018, establishing an important milestone for the industry.
“In close collaboration with CSIRO we moved through the design, engineering and fabrication stages and set up a processing facility in Menzies, delivering the first gold pour in just 10 months, which was a fantastic achievement.”
Eco-Mineral Research Ltd

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