Large-Scale Miners

Large Scale-Miners
Clean Mining can provide large-scale miners with a safer, more responsible alternative to cyanide. This potentially reduces ongoing compliance costs as well as additional costs relating to end-of-mine rehabilitation liabilities.
The use of cyanide is an industry standard for large-scale mining companies who understand the risks and accept the liabilities. Many miners have a good environmental and social conscience and would like to reduce their environmental impacts. Prior to the introduction of Clean Mining technology miners have not had an alternative to cyanide.
Using Clean Mining technology, you have the potential to:
  • Produce ‘Clean Gold’.
  • Operate in countries that have banned cyanide.
  • Have a smaller processing footprint that uses safer, more environmentally-responsible technology.
  • Eliminate the need for massive tailings dams and eliminate the risk of leaking or spilling cyanide into local water supplies and ground water.
  • Promote more efficient mine regulatory approval processes and achieve community support, given the reduced risk of contamination.
  • Improve your reputation by working in collaboration with governments, environmental organisations and communities.
  • Avoid the risk of negative perceptions and publicity associated with traditional ‘dirty’ mining processing methods.
  • Increase financial sustainability and shareholder value.

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