Local Communities & Interest Groups

Eco Groups
Knowledge is power. And Clean Mining’s alternative offers local communities and interest groups more power in their bid to influence mining companies to adopt more responsible practices.
There is now a cleaner, better option to cyanide use in gold processing and using this knowledge, local communities and interest groups can achieve more impact, influence and support.
Local communities and environmental organisations have long lobbied governments, critical of the impact of mining on the environment, particularly when there is a serious toxic spill.
Clean Mining’s ability to offer a safer alternative without the same highly hazardous chemicals enables local communities and non-government organisations to:
  • Lobby governments to fund regional gold processing centres where the environmental impacts of mining are better managed.
  • Influence governments to issue regulatory approvals for ‘clean mining’ that also provides the community with employment opportunities, improved infrastructure and a better quality of life.
  • Influence mining companies to adopt more sustainable practices and provide job opportunities and security for future generations.
  • Actively highlight mining companies who do not adopt the new mining standards to consumers, communities and governments.
  • Encourage consumers to choose, and demand, Clean Gold™.

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