Clean Mining’s Tried and Tested Route to Better Gold Mining

No new technology or solution will be convincing without comprehensive testing. The same goes for Clean Mining’s clean, non-toxic gold recovery reagent—that’s why we do extensive tests to increase the effectiveness of our solution for clients.

As the ore type and concentration vary for different gold mines, it is integral to find a proven alternative that suits specific ores. To do so, Clean Mining offers individual testing on clients’ ores which not only optimises the solution to fit each ore, but also looks at how to increase the recovery of each ore.

Clean Mining was approached by a client in Brazil seeking a clean gold extraction technology that eliminates the need for toxic reagents, pre-treatments and would work on a carbonaceous ore.

Using Clean Mining’s reagent, we conducted testing on the client’s different ore samples, including carbonaceous and dacitic-carbonaceous blended ores. For carbonaceous ores, Clean Mining’s reagent achieved nearly 90% gold recovery with pre-aeration and Resin in leach (RIL), compared to just 3% with standard cyanide leach.

We also observed similar good results on testing with dacitic-carbonaceous ores. Without any pre-treatments, an 86% gold recovery rate was recorded for Clean Mining’s reagent together with RIL at 48 mL/L. Our reagent demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce project CAPEX and OPEX.

With the mining industry paying increasing attention to Environmental, Social and Governance(ESG) factors, getting a proven alternative to traditionally toxic mining practices has become vital. Investors are starting to look beyond financial statements and now want to consider the ethics, competitive advantage and culture of a mining organisation.

Just saying that a solution exists is insufficient—we need to show, through tests, that our solution indeed has the benefits that it touts.

ESG factors have real implications on mining companies. They could affect a company’s ability to raise capital, obtain permits, or even work with communities, regulators and NGOs. While incorporating ESG, there could also be opportunities to reduce energy and water bills, improve operational performance and enhance community relationships.

Testing is part of Clean Mining’s commitment to all clients—it strengthens the efficacy and reliability of our solution. In this way, we work with gold miners to propel them to be leaders in ESG and transform gold mining into a more environmentally sustainable process.

Find out more about Clean Mining’s testing process and how we can optimise the solution to suit your needs in our latest whitepaper: Clean Mining Achieves 91% Gold Recovery and Eliminates Toxic Pre-Treatments In Carbonaceous Ores.