Gold Miners Must Heed the Call for “No Dirty Gold”

There is a saying “Silence is Golden” which means “keeping your mouth shut” is a great virtue. For too long in the gold mining industry, the clamour to stop using cyanide has not been voiced or heard sufficiently.

Traditionally, cyanide has been used extensively in the gold mining industry to leach gold from ores. As a reactive organic compound, cyanide binds easily with metals like gold, effectively separating these metals from their ores. It is highly toxic and when it escapes into the environment, wildlife are killed and drinking water contaminated.

However, a cry has been made by the “No Dirty Gold” campaign which seeks to educate consumers, retailers, manufacturers about the impact of irresponsible gold mining and to enlist their support to persuade the mining industry to clean up the act. So, it came up with a list of Golden Rules. One key rule is not to contaminate water, soil or air with sulfuric acid, acid drainage and other toxic chemicals. Another rule is to refrain from dumping mine wastes into the ocean, rivers, lakes or streams.

The campaign is not advocating a call for the boycott of gold. It wants to see a change in the way that metals are extracted and produced which presently is at the expense of communities, workers and the environment. It is also demanding alternatives to “dirty” or irresponsibly produced metals.

Moreover, the focus of these Golden Rules is on mitigating health risks and environmental impacts which highlights one thing — the severity of the harm caused by cyanide in gold mining. Therefore, is there a way to do away with cyanide altogether?

Clean Mining, part of the Clean Earth Technologies Group, has a solution which replaces toxic cyanide with a non-toxic gold recovery reagent, benefiting both human health and the health of the environment.

This revolutionary gold recovery reagent offers genuinely transformational change for the industry, setting a new ‘gold standard’ for miners around the world.