The Future of Gold Mining

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The allure of newly found gold in Sacramento, grabbed the attention of thousands back in the1800’s. The immense wealth gained from the extraction of the mined element created San Francisco, the bustling city, we know today.

Despite the high demand for gold, it is not, in truth, a scarce resource. Since the California gold rush, in the region of 190 million ounces of gold have been mined. Geologists believe that hundred times more than that still lie beneath the surface, even more still all over the world. The Washington Mine in California, recovers approximately tens of thousands of ounces of gold each year at full production. Modern gold mining excavates geological veins which are abundant in the metal. They pull large boulders to the surface and ground them into a few teaspoons worth of gold dust. The dust is melted and voila, an ounce of solid gold, worth roughly US$1,700.

It is believed that gold has the potential to stabilise its effect on the environment. Gold is only mined as long as its price is high. To maintain its value on the market, the supply must be kept low. Researchers advocate for a new gold standard as the slow-moving cost of its extraction process, can in turn allow for the broader economy to maintain balance. Unlike coal and natural gas which we are heavily reliant on, gold is simply a luxury. It is also comparatively less damaging, as gold mining does not destroy mountains or risk enormous spills.

However, gold mining still requires a substantial amount of energy and is by no means environmentally safe. Gold mining is still heavily prominent in California, in a much larger capacity than ever before. Given the significant impact mining has on the planet and people’s insatiable appetite for gold, a sustainable form of mining is crucial.

Clean Mining, part of the Clean Earth Technologies Group, has a solution which replaces toxic cyanide with a non-toxic gold recovery reagent. This process creates worthwhile practices, which prove beneficial for the health of people and the ecosystem as a whole.

Its revolutionary non-toxic gold recovery reagent provides genuine transformational change for the goldmining industry, and sets a new ‘gold standard’.