Small-Scale Miners

Small Scale Miners
Our vision is to enable small-scale gold miners to achieve the same gold recovery rates as large-scale miners but with a lower cost, scalable, mobile processing plant.
Small-scale miners can find it difficult to operate profitably. In Australia alone, 85% of gold tenements are inactive. This trend can be reversed and they can now better afford to compete with the large-scale miners.
Using Clean Mining technology, small-scale miners have the opportunity to access:
  • Smaller entry level plant; with no need to establish an entry-level cyanide-based processing plant (cost >US$20m).
  • Modular, plug-and-play plant.
  • Safer reagent, reducing personal and environmental risks.
  • Potentially reduced rehabilitation and compliance costs.
  • Control of their own gold recovery.
  • Uneconomic or stranded deposits as a viable mining proposition.

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